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Everyone who loves make-up has their favourite types of products, some people get excited about eye shadow palettes, others love trying out new bases and collecting them – but me? I'm a lipstick kinda girl.

I've tried and tested a lot of brands, from high end to drug store, but when it comes to lipstick I think that you can tell the difference between which is which. For me, a lot of drug store lipsticks have an opaque look towards them, nothing you cannot fix with the help from a lip liner, but I’d rather have a lipstick that glides on with full colour.

It’s safe to say that my favourite company when it comes to lipsticks is MAC Cosmetics. I could be biased as they are a company I have worked for in the past, but they glide on smoothly if they are mattes or amplified and have a great colour pay off. I've spent the last few months building up my collection, and although it may not be the largest but it’s a work in progress and I'm happy with it.

From top to bottom : Heroine (Matte), Hang-Up (Cremesheen) and Cyber (Satin)

If you're a fan of bright colours, and love a purple lip then you need to get your hands on Heroine, it's an absolutely beautiful bright purple that transforms your everyday make-up and gives you a bit of a summer vibe. Hang-Up isn't a very typical lipstick for myself, I tend to buy more mattes and satins when it comes to MAC lipsticks, but this is a great shade for someone who likes a dark colour, but doesn't want it to be too bold. Cremesheens aren't the most opaque formula, but they are great for a tint to the lips. Cyber is probably one of my favourite colours in my collection, I have very dark brown hair and I personally feel that bold dark lips go perfectly with my complexion, I know a lot of people who take one look at cyber in the bullet and wince, but the colour looks completely different when it's applied - I like to add Nightmoth lip liner under it for a bolder look.

From top to bottom : Kinda Sexy (Matte), Taupe (Matte) and Verve (Satin)

I was never one for a nude lipstick - and I'm still slowly working my way into them, the first one I purchased was Kinda Sexy, at first I thought it was too light for my skin and gave me the horrible 'foundation lip' look, but the more times I wore it, the more I began to love it, it's a very light salmon shade but it can always be made darker with the help of a lip liner. I like to use a darker shaded lipliner at the corners or my lips to give it some depth. Taupe has slowly but surely became my favourite nude lipstick, it's the perfect tone for my skin - if I'm pale or have fake tan on it looks just as great, just as I do with Kinda Sexy, I use a dark brown liner in the corners to give it depth and give that perfect 90s nude lip look. I'm going to put my head down in shame right now and admit that I have never worn Verve apart from the purpose of taking the photograph for this post. I bought it on a whim, but it is a beautiful brown shade - they are a very sought after shade lately and if you're not a fan of matte lipsticks, I would highly recommend investing it in. I've nearly ran out of Taupe, and when I do, I know that I have this shade on hand to take it's place.

 From top to bottom : Twig (Satin), Captive (Satin) and Amorous (Satin)

If you're looking for the perfect shade for a Kylie Jenner lip, I personally would recommend Twig, it's an absolutely beautiful shade for the lips and I think it's as close to Soar lip pencil you could get in the form of a lipstick. I've been wearing this shade a lot lately, it's became a staple in my collection. If you're looking for a shade that would go perfectly with a bold eye, you need this lipstick in your life. It's a great day to day shade for people who don't like bold lipsticks, but also looks fantastic if you're getting ready for a night out. Captive is a shade I had my eye on whilst I was working at MAC - you'd usually find me at the lipstick stand during my shifts, organising it to perfection - and finally I decided to buy it. I'm not the biggest fan of pink on the lips, although this shade is a beautiful colour for people who don't like to steer too far from a natural look. To me, Amorous is very much like Captive in some cases, but one can never have to many lipsticks, right? It's much more of a darker pink than the aforementioned, so if you're willing to leave the natural shades and try and expand into darker tones, I would highly recommend giving this shade a try.

From top to bottom : Relentlessly Red (Retro Matte), Lady Danger (Matte) and Russian Red (Matte)

If you like bright colours and a matte finish, then you need to get your hands on Relentlessly Red, the name may trick you though, because this isn't your typically red. It's much more of a pink shade as you can see in the photographs, but it does have a slight red tone to it, underlying somewhere within it. Lady Danger is one of my favourite bright shades I own, it's a red lipstick with a strong orange undertone in it. It's great paired up with a fresh face and base eyes - or just a bit of liner. Now that summer is upon us, I can see myself reaching for this lipstick more than I have recently because it is a great shade for the summer months. Now, Russian Red is hands down my favourite red lipstick I have ever
owned - it was the first MAC lipstick I owned, and I've repurchased (and lost it drunkenly) too many times to count. It's a beautiful bold red with a blue undertone so it's great for making your teeth look pearly white. I'm 100% sure I will continue repurchasing this lipstick for a long time to come.

What are your favourite lipsticks? MAC or other brands, I would love to know.

Kelsey xo.

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